media walls and backdrop

Media Walls and Backdrops are a Cost-Effective Solution to Promote Anything, Anywhere!

Media walls and backdrops

Media Walls and Backdrops are Mobile, Light Weight and Easy to Install and Pack Down.

At Southport Printing Co., we are designing and printing all kinds of media walls and backdrops for both personal and business use.

What is a Media Wall?

Simply put, a media wall is a mobile display that can promote anything! They are light weight, easy to transport and with the huge volume of modern framework, they are now easier than ever to put up and take down.

Who Uses Media Walls?

For many years, media walls have been used as the backdrop for television productions and they continue to be used for this purpose. In recent years, the use of media walls has expanded significantly. They are often used as backdrops for any kind of event or promotion as they provide the perfect gateway for any brand to gain exposure, particularly in the digital world.

What are the Main Purposes of Media Walls and Backdrops?

There are Three Main Purposes for Media Walls and Backdrops

Brand Awareness

The placement of any logo printed repeatedly on a media wall or backdrop is an effective marketing strategy. Although this design does not usually grab people’s attention, it is subtle enough to reinforce any brand and the simplicity of such design often means that people are not deterred from being photographed in front of a media wall or backdrop. This is a great gateway for exposure as your simple media wall or backdrop could end up on many people’s social media channels!


Media walls and backdrops are a great solution to thank any sponsors. They can be picked up and moved around to different locations easily, making sponsors feel valued for their contributions.

Promotion of Events

A mobile media wall or backdrop is a great way to get the message out about any upcoming event or promotion. Why not make a fuss about your next corporate event with a creative media wall?

Media walls and backdrops

The use of media walls and backdrops is not limited to the corporate world. It is now becoming more common to see them used for personal events too. It is not unusual to see a media wall or backdrop at an engagement party, wedding, a birthday party or even a gender reveal party!

There is absolutely no limit to the creative flare that can be worked into the design of a media wall or backdrop. At Southport Printing Co., we are designing and printing media walls with strict corporate branding right through to walls with one-off creative artwork. All our media walls and backdrops are built using solid framework which allows for the walls to be used over and over again. Our easy to use frames are also easy to install, pack away and transport. They are lightweight and come in a carry bag and they can easily be cleaned without damage prior to packing away.

Put Off by Past Experiences?

Many of us may have been unfortunate enough to have struggled with putting up an old-fashioned media wall or backdrop. These were often very complicated, and time consuming to install and pack away at trade shows and events. In recent years, there has been many advances in design making this now a quick and easy process. Our friendly team can even give you a lesson on how to use your new media wall or backdrop when it is delivered!

Southport Printing Co. Offer Fast Turnaround Media Wall and Backdrop Printing

Thinking Media Wall or Backdrop?

Our design team can help bring your vision to life or can create a media wall or backdrop for any occasion. Contact us today to discuss which of our many options suits your needs.