keep marketing simpleWhen we have a great concept that we want to share with our clients, sometimes we think that we have to tell the customer everything about it in one hit! This often results in busy artwork files that don’t break through the marketing clutter.

When you are drafting an advertisement, in order to grab your customers’ attention, it is best to keep artwork simple and clean with a brand that clearly represents you. Consider the following:

Select images that use similar tones to your existing brand and complement the message. Images need to be high resolution so that they don’t appear pixelated when printed. If you don’t have a suitable high resolution image on file, there are a number of websites that you can purchase great images from that start at just a few dollars.

Marketing Message

Is your message clear and simple? Try to engage your customers with the main heading and then explain the details in the following paragraph. Focus on only a few key points to avoid your customers getting distracted.

Using too many colours can create a messy and complicated message. Use the font colours from your logo and branding guidelines only and keep different font types to a maximum of 2 or 3 types total.

Call to action
Is there something that you need to shout out to get customers to respond? ‘For a limited time’, ‘2 for 1 special’. Use a point of difference to draw your customers’ attention to such a message.

Company details
This seems like common sense right? You would not believe how many jobs we get through that have essential text missing! Don’t forget:

Your logo

Phone number


Email address

Physical address

And if applicable:

Expiry date of the offer

Date of the event

How to book

Where to go for further information or to view terms and conditions

Don’t forget to add your social links! Today, just the icon is enough for people to find you. You don’t need to add the full URL to land customers on your social channels.

Once you are ready to print, read your advertisement again and ask yourself; if you knew absolutely nothing about your business, would you understand exactly what is being sold after reading the advertisement?

If you need help simplifying your advertising message, contact us to speak with our in-house graphic designer.