keep marketing simpleKeep your Marketing Message Simple

We’ve all heard the saying “less is more” and this is never truer than when designing print materials for your business.

We understand the temptation to cram more information in. When you have a great concept that you want to share with your customers, it’s easy to want to tell them everything in one hit. And naturally, if you’re paying for things to be printed, you want to get results.

When you are drafting an advertisement, in order to grab your customers’ attention, it is best to keep artwork simple and clean with a brand that clearly represents you.

Your customers should be able to immediately recognise who you are and what you’re offering.
Here are some of our tips to help you keep your marketing message simple:

Select images that use similar tones to your existing brand and complement the message and offer. Images need to be high resolution so that they don’t appear pixelated when printed. If you don’t have a suitable high resolution image on file, there are a number of websites that you can use to purchase stock photography from with prices starting at just a few dollars. Just make sure you select stock photos that give an accurate representation of the customer experience.

Using too many colours can create a messy and complicated message. Use the font colours from your logo and style/brand guide only and keep different font types to a maximum of 2 or 3 total including your logo. Be wary of overly decorative fonts that can be hard to read and limit them to headings only. If you don’t already have brand guideline basics documented for your business, now is a great time to put some information together.

Marketing Message
Is your message clear and simple? Try to engage your customers with the main heading and use dot points and short paragraphs to give more information. Try to remember that old adage “if you try to be everything to everybody, you’ll end up being nothing to nobody” – you do need to choose a demographic who need or aspire to the benefits. Make sure you have a good think about who your target audience is and what it is about your offer that matters to them.

Offer and Call to Action
Make sure you are very clear in what you are providing and write your messages accordingly. Is this a special deal or advertising your general services? Make sure people know exactly what’s important and what you want them to do at a glance. Do you want them to call you? Visit your website? Book now? Is this offer always available, or for a limited time? These points matter so make sure they stand out.

Company details
This seems like common sense right? You would not believe how many jobs we get through that have essential text missing!
Don’t forget to review the below check list to check that nothing has been missed before finalising your job and sending it to print:

  • Your logo
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Physical address

And if applicable:

  • Expiry date of the offer
  • Date of the event
  • How to book
  • Where to go for further information or to view terms and conditions

How will your message be presented and printed? Will it print well onto a DL flyer, or is there too much text and do you need to go up to A5, A4 or even a booklet?

Have you considered personalising the message? At Southport Printing Co. we can overprint your customer’s names onto any digital print job to help you make even more of an impact with your marketing messages.

Are You On Social Media? Tell Them!
Don’t forget to add your social media links! Today, just the icon is enough for people to find you. You don’t need to add the full URL to land customers on your social channels. A lot of people will follow brands and businesses they are interested in, even if they aren’t ready to book or buy now, so don’t miss this chance to connect with an even bigger audience.

We Can Help You

Once you are ready to print, read your advertisement again and ask yourself; if you knew absolutely nothing about your business, would you understand exactly what is being sold after reading the advertisement?

If you need help simplifying your advertising message, contact us to speak with our in-house graphic designer. They can also help you with setting up brand guidelines to ensure that your marketing messages are always professional, polished and consistent.

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