Everyone loves getting a handwritten note!

Isn’t it lovely when you receive a handwritten note these days? With all the digital messaging that we encounter each and every day, a handwritten note jumps out as different and brings a feeling of warmth that someone has taken the time to personalise something…. just for you!

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If your business is not already using these slips, these are a cost-effective way to add a personal message in with products, documents or any packages.

Handwritten notes on With Compliment slips are an easy way to show your customers that you care and that you appreciate their business. In addition to this, when you use With Compliment slips, this is a great way of showing your customers that you are a professional organisation. This not only impresses clients and potential clients it enhances your customers experience and cements your brand in their mind much stronger than the company who didn’t connect with customers using a personal touch.

The use of With Compliment slips are a cheap, affordable way to establish a personal connection with any client or potential client. The benefits are easy to see!

There are a number of great reasons for Every business to be using With Compliments slips

Portray your company as a professional company

With Compliment slips are a fast, cheap strategy to add a professional touch to any client communication whether it be included in an order or a separate piece which is just there to say ‘Hi’ and connect with the client. Using such strategies will portray your company as a professional company… and of course, everyone would prefer to deal with a professional company!

Provides you an edge with customers

Personal client relationships far out way any digital or non-personal relationship. A simple handwritten note can make your customers feel connected with the person who wrote the note and with your business. This gives your company an immediate competitive edge with any customer.

Cost-effective marketing

With Compliment slips are cheap to produce and when branded to match your company’s brand they are an extremely cost-efficient marketing strategy. They also tend to hang around desks, drawers and offices for much longer than any digital advert ever gets a chance to which makes the return on investment (ROI) fantastic!

Keep your business front of mind for customers

Let’s be honest, With Compliments slips are more than just a nice touch, the presence of these slips gives customers and potential customers engagement time with your brand in a warm and fuzzy way… and there are no losers in the world of business when this happens!

They show our customers that they are valued

We all know that there are several benefits to having printed communication rather than digital communication but, without a doubt the main benefit is that customers who receive a physical piece of communication will feel more valued than when they receive a digital piece of communication. When customer see that your company has made a special effort to write a personal note, they will feel more valued.

With Compliment slips will encourage an increase in sales

This one is an easy point to make sense of, if your customers are made to feel special by your company, they will purchase more goods and services from your company! In addition to this, they are more likely to refer your company to friends and family resulting in even more sales. Who would have thought that all this would be possible from an old-fashioned handwritten note?

Design your With Compliment slips in line with other business collateral

With Compliments slips should be a simple reflection of your existing brand, quite often resizing your A4 stationery is adequate for this purpose. Do not add any additional colours of fonts as the With Compliments slip is a strong performer when it is a simple extension of your brand.

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