Fast Printing SolutionsGold Coast Fast Printing: Same Day Service Available

Time is money and when it comes to getting your message to market, especially in tumultuous trading times like we’ve experienced recently, missed opportunities can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Southport Printing Co. are your rapid printing specialists. Our digital printing capabilities mean that we can print direct from digital files without the need to set up printing plates or conduct the testing associated with traditional offset printing.

Digital printing is a fast and affordable technology that ensures a professional finish to your printed materials without compromising on quality.

No matter the reason for the rush, Southport Printing Co.’s team of in-house designers, print professionals and distribution partners means we can get your project to you quickly.

Case Study: Community Flyers for a Hotel Client with Overnight Turnaround

Southport Printing Co. understand that sometimes things happen and will work with you to complete your project no matter the circumstances. This compassion and our capabilities combined recently to come to the aid of a hotel client who needed to distribute flyers to their local neighbourhood community about some upcoming maintenance works.

The project sounds straight forward enough, but when it got to the day before the flyers needed to be distributed to their neighbours, our client realised they’d forgotten to order them.

They called their Sales Manager and explained the situation and we were ready to help. After a quick conversation to confirm what the key messages needed to be, how many flyers they needed and a couple of other details to get the work underway and we jumped straight to action.

Our in-house design team were able to develop an artwork proof within a couple of hours, so we sent it off to the client to get their approval so the job could be printed. Our client replied quickly, and the project was able to be printed and packed up for delivery first thing in the morning, right when the client needed the flyers.

The client told us afterwards that they had been tempted to just take care of the design and print themselves but decided to reach out even though the urgency was from a breakdown in the workflow on their end. Their reasoning for seeing if professional printing was an option included both user experience and how much more efficient it is for us to take care of the printing and preparation of the documents prior to distribution.

It would have put a big toll on their team to take care of it in-house, hotels typically have a lot of printing to do as part of their operations anyway so there were considerations around the impact of having their printers out of action to accommodate this project. But for them, the biggest impact was going to be on the finish. They knew that their own printers couldn’t provide the high quality output they wanted and because the flyer was a way to engage with and collaborate with people in their local area, the hotel wanted to set the tone with a professionally polished introduction in the document.

Southport Printing Co. Are Here to Help

Whether you or your team accidentally forgot to request your printing, or you need to mobilise quickly to get a promotion to market, Southport Printing Co. are here to help. We can digitally print your own files, or our in-house team of designers can create them for you, so the project is printed and ready to go straight away. Sometimes we can even do same day service and when that’s not possible, the next business day usually is so get in touch today.