Printing for a purposeDigital Printing = Fast Printing Solutions

The modern printing techniques that are used for digital printing mean that everyone is benefiting; saving time, money and the environment!

Much of the talk in the print world today is about digital vs offset printing. While we offer both printing services at Southport Printing Co., we identify that modern printing techniques allow for digital printing to have huge benefits for our customers who may have been previously put off by the need to produce large print runs in order to achieve a lower unit price.

Digital printing is short run printing without the high set up costs. This is achieved by the print jobs going straight to the printing press. Should you need only 50 copies of a DL flyer, this is no problem for our digital printers and can be output in just minutes. Even printing 5000 flyers is a quick process for our Konica Minolta C6100 Accurio Press machines as these machines produce brilliant colour output at 100 A4 pages per minute… Now, that is quick.

How about printing your customers’ names on your next piece of collateral? All we need is a spreadsheet of names and these can be printed directly onto your collateral in one quick process. No old-school mail merge required here!

The trend towards digital printing is benefiting our environment too. Shorter runs of print jobs mean less unused printed stock is headed for the rubbish bins. Digital printing also means that no test prints are required as colour quality is consistent with digital printing.

Modern techniques in digital printing help customers to print for the exact purpose. There is no need for overprinting and there is an option to personalise every single sheet that is printed. Now that is printing with a purpose!