COVID-Safe stickers and SignageYour COVID-Safe Signage Solutions from Southport Printing Co.

COVID-Safe signage and information is now such a part of the new normal for us that it’s hard to remember what life was like without it. It feels like we’ve always had our online COVID-Safe sticker shop alongside our range of wide format printing and other print service here at Southport Printing Co.!

It’s also been a bit of a confusing time as well. We can all relate to being a little confused having to make sense of the individual conditions, requirements, restrictions and operations for each premises we go into. Some places have specific ways we need to move through the aisles and around the area, others need us to enter and exit via specific doors and some we know we should be doing “something” but can’t really be sure what because it’s not very clear.

Clarity for your COVID-Safe Signage

Safe Work Australia remind us all of the importance of placing signage around the workplace to remind employees, customers and other site visitors about the risks of COVID-19 and how to stop the spread and these are certainly important elements of any COVID-Safe plan, but they aren’t the only things we need clear signage on.

We need to tell people what is expected of them when it comes to how we want or need our business to flow. This not only helps to keep your customers and other visitors safe and protected from the risk of infection, but it provides a better experience when they’re interacting with your business.

Choose from Custom COVID Collateral Or Our Ready to Go Range

Southport Printing Co. have taken the hassle out of the design and print of your COVID-Safe materials with a number of stickers and signage pre-printed and ready to purchase today.

We are also able to work with you to make recommendations on what you need to convey your messaging in a clear, easy to follow and professionally presented way. Our team can either visit your premises to give an obligation free quote, jump onto a video call with your or work with you over the phone or email to help you work out what is needed.

Our wide format printing capabilities mean that the sky is just about your limit when it comes to how big your signage can be which is great for some of those floor stickers and other things you need people to be able to easily read and comprehend.

We have a range of materials to print on including some options with anti-slip gradings to help keep your customers safe from both the risk of contracting COVID-19 and any trips, spills or other hazards.

Professional Printing Shows You’re In (And Mean) Business

Not only does choosing professional printing show your customers that you’re open and help draw attention to your business, if you combine a polished brand presentation alongside a professional display of your COVID-Safe requirements, it helps give your business credibility and ensures that there is a good first impression and experience while navigating their way through your store.

Contact Southport Printing Co. Today

Southport Printing Co. are also back to business and are able to accommodate all design and print requests, no matter how big or how small. Our in-house team of graphic designers and printing professionals work alongside couriers and a logistics network who can help get your projects printed, packed and on their way to you whether you’re here in South East Queensland or further afield. You’ll be introduced to your personal Sales Manager who will oversee your requests from the initial brief right through to when they are delivered to your door. Contact us today.

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