Coasters – A Creative Marketing Tool for any Company!


Traditional Coasters Make a Great Marketing Tool for your Business

Have you considered using coasters to promote your company? You don’t have to be a bar or a beverage company to add this effective marketing tool to your team! In fact, this may well be a great little opportunity to promote your brand to a niche market that is not saturated with competitors.

Think of where coasters are placed. In many cases, they are used in a relaxed environment and situated right under peoples noses for a lengthy period of time. People glance down regularly and often notice what is there. People use coasters to write important bar notes including all the fantastic ideas that they come up with while having a few drinks as well as to write down any phone numbers that are captured at the same time. Coasters are then taxied on home to continue with mobile marketing for the brand on the reverse of the coaster …Now that sure beats a 30 second radio advert!

Coasters don’t have to be limited to the boring old printed logo on square or round cardboard, let your company shine by using a creative idea from our list of ways to create personalised coasters that deliver results for your business!

Coasters Come in a Wide Range of Shapes

Options include square, round, square with round corners and also custom shapes

Creative Coasters

There are many things that can be considered when designing and printing a creative coaster to get great traction for your company. Here are just a few of our favourites.


Leaving coasters with your clients and potential clients in a sales kit can achieve multiple benefits as the coaster may well get noticed and used more than once. When opening the sales kit, this may grab customers attention, the next step could be getting transported home then finally it could be used under a beverage…. Now that is fantastic exposure for minimal outlay!

In-Store Marketing

This strategy has become more popular in recent years. This targets the customers that you already have but encourages them to engage further with your brand. This is a subtle and effective way to wedge your company’s brand into your existing clients’ minds.

Coaster Business Cards

For something a little more creative, why not consider a coaster as your personal business card? There is plenty of space to add all your information and the point of difference makes it an innovative marketing tool.


Personalised Coasters

Why not add your customer’s name to a short run of coasters? This will give the coasters a much higher chance of people paying more attention to your brand as well as holding onto it for a longer period of time. In addition, this will increase the possibility of your brand getting shown off to other people. All we would need from you is a list of your customer’s names and we can print their names straight onto your job.

Event Invite Coasters

This is a great alternative to flyers for functions and events. Not only will this creative idea be sure to grab many people’s attention, it will also get them talking…. This is a win-win!

We Make Printing Coasters Easy!

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