Benefit from slight adjustments to paper sizes

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Paper sizes are back of hand knowledge to us in the printing industry, but only because it is what we do! In this week’s blog, we have put together a simple list of the regular paper sizes used in printing to benefit our customers: Paper sizes: A0 = 841mm x 1189mm A1 = 594mm x 841mm A2 = 420mm x 594 mm A3 = 297mm x 420mm A4 = 210mm x 297mm A5 = 148mm x 210mm A6 = 105mm x 148mm If you stay within these guidelines when designing your artwork or amend existing artwork to fit these sizes, it can help to reduce your print costs significantly as you will minimise wastage, as well as save money and paper. Talk to our sales team about tips on how to get better value when printing your next job by making slight adjustments to the finished size.

What is Celloglazing?

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Celloglazing is a term that is regularly mentioned in the printing industry but what does it actually mean? Simply put, celloglazing is a coating that can go on almost any print job to give it a high-end finish. During this process, a machine applies heat and pressure to adhere a thin sheet of film to printed paper or board. At Southport Printing Co., we have recently traded in our old celloglazing machine and updated with a lovely new machine which has sped up our output rate for this popular finish. The machine applies both traditional matt and gloss celloglaze, as well as the newer velvet soft-touch finish, which has a lovely finishing texture. Celloglaze can be applied single sided or double sided. Contact your Sales Manager to discuss celloglazing and other high-end finishes that may suit your next print job.

Merry Christmas from the team at Southport Printing Co.

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The team at Southport Printing Co. wishes all of our customers and their families a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout 2020. Your support has allowed us to work through one of the most difficult years in recent history. With the exception of the public holidays, Southport Printing Co. will be operational during the Christmas holidays. If you expect to have printing requirements during that period, please let us know in advance, so that we can adequately accommodate for your needs. A special thank you to all of you who indicated which charity you would like us to support this Christmas. We are proud to be making donations to each of the below charities: Make a Wish Australia Bravehearts St Vincent de Paul Society Act for Kids Yalari We look forward to working with you in 2021 and assisting you in achieving your business goals in a creative and cost-effective manner. From all the team at Southport Printing Co.

NCR Duplicate or Triplicate Custom Invoice and Receipt Books

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Personalise your NCR Duplicate or Triplicate Custom Invoice and Receipt Books Here at Southport Printing Co., we specialise in the printing of custom designed invoice and receipt books printed in duplicate and triplicate copy. These NCR Books are ideal for businesses who have people in the field dealing with customers, needing to give an on-the-spot quote or invoice. Have your logo and business information professionally printed on your customised quotes and invoices, so that your business is always portrayed as the professional outfit that it is. Gone are the days of placing carbon in between pages to form an imprint - NCR means No Carbon Required, a hassle-free way of keeping copies. Southport Printing Co. can design NCR books or pads at any size with optional numbering, in a range of colours and with many binding options. Contact your Southport Printing Co. Sales Manager today to discuss a better solution for invoices and receipt books.

What is foiling?

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What is foiling? Foiling is a specialised print technique whereby a thin film of foil is impressed onto a document. A foil provides a luxurious finish and is suitable for almost any type of printed item, but is commonly used on business cards, brochures and letterheads to give these pieces a high-end finish. A metal plate applied with heat, pressure and foil is used to create a metallic effect on the focus area. Gold and silver are the traditional favourites, but there is a wide range of colours available including copper, gunmetal, red, green, blue, black, clear and holographic foils, just to name a few. Foil adds an interesting feature to your print job and helps your business to stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in learning more about how a foil can be added to your next print job, please contact our friendly sales team today.

2020 Festive Charity Support

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Our commitment to charity support is stronger than ever to finish off 2020 2020 has been a year that will be cemented in history, not only because of COVID-19,  but equally the financial and emotional turmoil that followed. To show our support for those who have been affected in 2020, we have nominated five charities that Southport Printing Co. will be making donations to this Christmas. Southport Printing Co. will be contributing to each of the below charities this December: Make a Wish Australia Bravehearts St Vincent de Paul Society Act for Kids Yalari As a valued client, we would love you to indicate your preference below, which will in turn determine the percentage of funds that are donated to each charity. On Friday 18 December 2020, we will collate the responses and allocate the donation funds based on the percentage of votes that each charity receives from our valued clients on or before this date.

Christmas is Coming

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The festive season is just around the corner with only 32 days until Christmas Day! Our production team is busy outputting everything festive this month as well as our regular runs, including thousands of brochures, flyers, business cards, desk pads, pull up banners and everything else print! Get ahead of the game by placing your December print orders nice and early to guarantee delivery before the silly season is in full swing. Contact your personal Sales Manager today to discuss your December printing requirements.

Christmas gifts and Christmas Cards from our factory straight to your client’s offices!

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With the festive season drawing near, the countdown is on to get your corporate Christmas gifts and Christmas cards organised. Tangible, physical corporate gifts and branded merchandise can not only help you stand out from the competition, but they also ensure your customers are thinking about you even when they’re not actively doing business with you. At Southport Printing Co., we are printing hundreds of corporate Christmas gifts including 2021 desk calendars, 2021 wall calendars, notepads, pens, stress balls and fridge magnets, to mention just a few! We are also busy printing personalised Christmas cards for numerous customers! Let us design, print and distribute your corporate Christmas gifts and Christmas cards DIRECTLY to your customers on your behalf. Relax and enjoy the festive season with the peace of mind you have your Christmas printing and distribution covered and on time. Contact our friendly sales team today to discuss corporate Christmas gifts and Christmas Cards for your company.

We are Proud to Help Customers

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We are Proud to Help Customers when they are Under Pressure Southport Printing Co. has the capacity to print pull up banners, vinyl banners, fabric banners and all kinds of posters in-house! This not only means that turnaround times are fast, keeping the printing in-house ensures that costs are kept to a minimum for our customers. We were proud to have recently supported the 3YS Owls Corporate Governance Consultants team recently with last-minute portable displays for a business expo.     They required urgent production of portable displays, so we turned their job around in lightning speed. Then Ange, from our sales team, personally delivered the job directly to the venue! This client was so happy that they spoilt our lovely Ange with a beautiful bunch of flowers to say thank you at the end of their very long day. We are so grateful to all of our amazing customers - your support is not taken for granted, and please know that it is an absolute pleasure to be able to continue to support you all. If you are looking for some new or updated portable displays or promotional items, please contact our friendly sales team today.  

Supporting our Community

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Support our local community is a priority for us at Southport Printing Co. Southport Printing Co. was proud to support the Gold Coast Hospital recently by printing Heart Cards to be given out to carers during National Carers Week. National Carers Week gives the community an opportunity to thank and celebrate Australian carers for their enormous contributions, while raising awareness of carers and the diversity of caring roles in Australia.     ‘Thank you everyone at Southport Printing Co. for the amazing cards you printed for us at no charge. You have bought many smiles to our most vulnerable of families. On behalf of all the Doctors and Nurses THANK YOU’ Simone, Pediatric Nurse Navigator.  

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