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Standard Business Card Sizes
• 90 x 55mm
• 90 x 50mm
• 90 x 45mm

Common Business Card Stocks
• 280gsm textured
• 300gsm Artboard
• 350gsm Artboard
• 400gsm Artboard

The finish that you choose for your business card can make all the difference in a busy market place. At Southport Printing Co. we offer a number of different finishes which will leave your business card working away for your business as a silent and cost-effective salesperson long after you leave the room!

Die cutting

Sell Real Estate? Why not have a house shaped business card? The simple process of die cutting can contour print jobs to a range of shapes to suit any purpose.


Finishing with a foil adds a touch of elegance and can really enhance your brand. Traditional gold and silver foils remain popular, however, Southport Printing Co. now stocks a diverse range of foils, so there is sure to be one that matches your branding.


Why not score and fold your next run of business cards? This will allow you to get additional information regarding you and your business without overcrowding the card.

Embossing and Debossing

The 3-dimensional finish of embossing and debossing is especially visually appealing. A thicker stock is not required for this finish, so this process can be suitable for many kinds of print jobs, including letterheads. A metal block is used to press out (emboss) or in (deboss) an image or text for creative effect.

Spot Varnish

This commonly used finish creates a point of difference within the design by creating a contrasting affect to the finish of the paper. This finish is added to the paper, which gives it a gloss, satin or matte appearance. A spot varnish is applied to only selected areas of the print job to highlight and feature these areas.

Spot UV

This finish is similar to spot varnish, but in a high gloss. This finish provides the same result as a gloss celloglaze finish, but is applied to selected areas only.


Celloglazing is a heat-sealed coating that is applied to the entire print job, resulting in an attractive and durable product.

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